Any information/instructions from the customer will be followed as required,if help is required then please contact me. Also any other war gaming period whether fantasy to sci-fi can be catered for prices for these will be quoted for as and when a request has been finalized.

Painting Service Price List

Infantry, mounted & Artillery

25/28mm foot             £4.50*
25/28mm mounted     £6.50*
25/28mm artillery       £4.00
20mm foot                   £2.00
20mm mounted           £2.70
20mm artillery             £2.20
15mm foot                   £1.60
15mm mounted          £2.60
15mm artillery            £1.60
10mm foot                  £0.80
10mm mounted         £1.55
10mm artillery           £0.85

* Extra 0.50 for Games Workshop Figures


28mm vehicles from £5.50
20mm vehicles from £4.50
15mm vehicles from £2.70
10mm vehicles from £1.60

Please note Bases, Decals & Flags are an extra charge unless supplied.

Vehicles Errata.

These can range from any size or period, from chariots to spaceships, prices go up with size of vehicle and what is required to do them. Contact us for more information.


Options for figures..

You choose the maker of the figures you require,then 3 options are available;

1. You purchase the figures and ship them to me.

2. Have the figures shipped direct to me.

3. We purchase the figures on your behalf after payment of figures has cleared.

What you get with the price..

1. All plastic figures are cleaned/glued.

2 .Metal figures filed and cleaned up.

3. All figures get a grey primmer then a matt black coat.

4. Figures are base coated then highlighted.

5. All figures are varnished.

6. All units/individual figures will be based  to a good standard  effect.

Postage & Packaging*

UK 10%, minimum £3.00 – maximum £30.00

Europe & north America 15%

Rest of the World 30%

Registered post 20% extra.

*For orders larger than 28mm please call for a quote.

All payments made by PayPal.