New Project on the Bench

This is my first Venture into 10mm.  One of my favorite periods,the Napoleonic wars a rather decent size Army 3 Cavalry regiments,2 batteries of guns and 14 ligne regiments. Figures are from Magister Militum range. So this is a ongoing project so i will update as each units are done

Its Been a while.

Hi all its been a while since i last posted,sorry about that. due to recovery from a illness plus looking after my late Father, sadly this took a back burner. but now getting back into things,some projects Ive been working on will be added in the next few days including pictures,actually their is quite a…

Scratch builds and Specials in 20mm

  Top 4 Pictures are my Scratch-builds,as a war-gamer having a bridge laying unit is needed.So i managed to find the American version so it did not take long too build the framework to fit in the 6×6, the next part was to make the pontoon boats which were inflatables the bridge section was liberated…

20mm Shermans and M3 Stuarts

These came into my hands a long time ago, they were in a bit of a bad state so i washed them with a white wash for a WW2 Ardennes winter game. Then put away over the last few weeks i took on the idea re-spray,weathered etc now these are ready to go onto my…

28mm Greek Archers

More of a little project,these are Greek Archers from Black tree designs. Not sure on Period as the Helmet and clothing has thrown me a little,as they have no body Armour so i went with a good basic colour scheme thus keeping them neutral, so they can fit in with most Greek/mercenary unit

28mm Prussians

Another short little project,this time from the Perry’s range 2 Musketeers and 1 jager, all painted up as the 5th infantry regiment . over the next few weeks more will be added till the regiment is complete.