Top 4 Pictures are my Scratch-builds,as a war-gamer having a bridge laying unit is needed.So i managed to find the American version so it did not take long too build the framework to fit in the 6×6, the next part was to make the pontoon boats which were inflatables the bridge section was liberated broken super-kings highway bridge set from my son will post the complete setup in the next few days.Also i came Across a tank-transporter for light tanks,so had to build one as close to the real thing.

In the next year I’m planning on a ww2 demo game based on the capture of a V2 rocket portable Launch site in the last days of the Reich in a German mining town.All the kits are available but are becoming harder to get hold of,the only Scratch built in this is the mining train its scale is N scale which fits in with the 00 gauge track and train i have yet to build.The body is made of metal so all i needed to do was bend and solder,as this is made to fit a electric running gear.Which is not cheap i needed to redesign this was easy i bought a flatbed wagon filed it down so that the body fitted.the rocket sits on 2 log bogies that have been modified as close as i could get them to the real picture.the other Scratch build is the ladder section used by the crew/scientists.This was a  great 20mm Project to start and still ongoing